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Comp-Tac Holsters & Accessories

Comp-tac holsters and accessories are the choice of top competitors such as Matt Burkett, as well as tactical trainers like Clint Smith, and Dave Spaulding.

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Crimson Trace Laser Grips
Crimson Trace offers more than 50 versions of laser sight products which  take nothing away from shooting skills, while adding advantages you wouldn’t otherwise have.

Fox Labs International Personal Defense Products

Fox Labs International's Premium Defense Spray line-up is unequaled, with virtually immediate incapacitation of subjects exposed to them.  E-mail or call for prices.


Surefire Flashlights & Accessories

We have in stock most E-Series, G-Series, P-Series, and Z-Series flashlights along with lamp assemblies, click-on tail caps, LED replacement heads, spares carriers, light holders, and batteries.  E-mail or call for prices.