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Mike Briggs Teaching an IDPA Class at the SIG SAUER Academy, April 2010


The Southwest Pistol League was a descendant of Jeff Cooper's Leatherslap contests of the 1950s (click on Articles to read "The Craddle of Combat" for the full story) as well as the model for today's shooting sports like IPSC/USPSA, the Steel Challenge and IDPA.  Mike served on the Board of Directors, and was a two time class champion during his time at the League. 


Top Competitors know that after mastering the ability to shoot fast and accurately, the next most important element is footwork.  Thanks to my Mom and Uncle (pictured above) I have a background in dance which helps me to teach proper footwork for practical shooting.


Mike Briggs confronts Officer Riggs (Mel Gibson) in the movie Lethal Weapon 3 and lived to tell about it in the soon to be published article, "Hollywood, Guns and Money."


Another picture of Mike Briggs and Mel Gibson from Lethal Weapon 3.


Mike Briggs and Mike Dalton

Mike Briggs and Mike Dalton at the Steel Challenge Range in Piru, CA


Mike tests a 1911 38 Super from Kimber's Custom Shop for an article he wrote that was published in Combat Handguns magazine.  (Please note, Mike has lost five pounds since this picture was taken.)