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Comp-tac holsters and accessories are the choice of top competitors such as Matt Burkett, as well as tactical trainers like Clint Smith, and Dave Spaulding.

New England Tactical is proud to be the leading supplier of Comp-tac products in the Northeast. We started carrying their products to outfit our students, (who would often show up for class with equipment that gave them problems), and now we have expanded to include gun shows in the New England area. Bottom line - we use these products everyday, and they really work!

 “So what sets a Comp-tac product apart from a holster that costs half the price?”

This seems to be the most frequently asked question, and the answer is:

1)   Quality of material - Comp-tac only uses top of the line kydex, as opposed to cheap PVC (aka garbage bag material).

2)   Superior fit - All Comp-tac products are molded by hand, and are totally adjustable.  They’re also designed to fit you with comfort in mind.

3)   Speed! - Quite simply, these holsters make fast work out of presenting your handgun everytime you draw, and also allow complete ease when it’s time to re-holster.

Speed Paddle                 $63.00
Speed Belt  $75.00 
Locking Paddle $90.00 
Settable Cant $70.00 
C-TAC IWB  $85.00 
M-TAC IWB $85.00
Single Mag Pouches  $30.00 
AR Mag Pouches  $40.00 
Flashlight Holder $30.00 

 Most popular models of holsters and mag’ pouches are in stock including Glock (all models), SIG, 1911, S&W M&P

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