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What's New at New England Tactical?



More and more people are responding positively to our private and semi-private lessons.  Whether for self defense, practical shooting competition or just plain fun, they are discrete, affordable, and offer the best dynamic for learning how to shoot a firearm safely and efficiently.  Click the training link for more information.


Giving Back 

Over the past year N.E.T. has been a proud sponsor of New England Community Organizations and Shooting Events:

- Chaplain's Emergency Relief Fund

- Nicolas James Autism Foundation

- USPSA Area 7 Championships

- NH Venturing - Crew 556

- Massachusetts State IDPA Championships

- Monson Mass Classic Match (USPSA)

- New Hampshire IDPA State Match

- New England Regional IDPA Match

- Scholastic Steel Challenge



What Others are Saying...

Want to improve your IDPA shooting or get started in the sport?  New England Tactical students took five out of the top seven spots at Pioneer Sportmen's September IDPA match.  Here's what one of them had to say about the IDPA class he took with N.E.T.:

Having shot IDPA and Steel Challenge for many years my competitive performance had hit a plateau. The training courses I had taken with leading shooting academies had certainly improved my gun handling and defensive pistol skills, but only took speed so far. Pushing myself ever faster degraded accuracy and produced extraneous movement resulting in slower raw times. Two hours of personal instruction with New England Tactical taught me the difference between speed and quickness – the latter achieved through economy and fluidity of motion rather than trying to make my hands and arms move faster. Mike Brigg’s keen eye diagnosed and corrected a subtle hitch in my motion, immediately trimming two tenths of a second off my draw and presentation. His lesson on footwork moving in-and-out of shooting positions provided me additional opportunities for saving time on target acquisitions and transitions in action shooting scenarios.

Many fine military and law enforcement certified instructors provide excellent training. Taking your speed and accuracy to the next level requires not just an excellent instructor however, but one who themselves is also an accomplished shooter.  Having forged his own skills in competition uniquely qualified Mike helping me punch through the barriers in my performance.

KJ Wagner
NRA Certified Pistol Instructor & IDPA SSP Expert


My son and I would like to thank you for the "Intro to IDPA" class we took from you last week. We both learned so very much and had a wonderful time. As an educator, as well as someone who's competed in various shooting sports at the state and national level and coached state and national champions, I was very impressed by your teaching abilities. You had a well thought out lesson plan, excellent explanations of the necessary concepts, fun exercises to help us learn the necessary skills, and the ability to answer any questions we threw your way. On top of that, you were patient, polite and personable. Perhaps my son put it best: "He's a real professional."
You can bet that my son and I will be taking more classes from you. Again, thank you so much for all your efforts.
Mark T.
Keene, NH


"...I have confirmed that [Mike] Briggs taught for Mike Dalton at ISI, and can personally confirm that Briggs has taught for me at LFI. Having seen Briggs teach students ranging from basic to advanced to IDPA range officers, I can confirm that he is an excellent instructor. He has virtually infinite patience with slow learners, can be firm when necessary with hostile learners, and perhaps most important has the ability to inspire a team of range officers to work together as a cohesive whole. I can also state from personal knowledge that Briggs has in the past fought back strong efforts to alter IDPA rules, and has been able to prevail and stay with IDPA guidelines against this intense pressure.

- Massad Ayoob

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Now Offering Firearms

New England Tactical is now a fully licensed firearms dealer.  Please contact us for price quotes on most major manufactures including Winchester, Remington, Smith and Wesson, Glock, Ruger just to name a few.  We also do firearms transfers for $30.

Massachusetts CCW Certification 

New England Tactical is now certified by the Massachusetts State Police to teach the NRA Basic Pistol Course.  This class fulfills the requirements for training that is necessary to receive the Massachusetts license to carry.